Dienstag, 19. März 2013

Chi non legge...

"Chi non legge, a 70 anni avrà vissuto una sola vita: la propria. Chi legge avrà vissuto 5000 anni: c’era quando Caino uccise Abele, quando Renzo sposò Lucia, quando Leopardi ammirava l’infinito... perché la lettura è un’immortalità all’ indietro”. 

Today there was posted on Facebook a wonderful quote by one of my favourite writers,
Umberto Eco
"Who doesn't read, when 70 years old, will have lived only a single life: his own. The one who reads will have lived for 5000 years: there was Cain who killed Abel,  there was Renzo who married Lucia, there was Leopardi who admired infinity....because reading means an immortality backwards."
And remember (or read for the first time)  some of Eco's most famous books:
The Name of the Rose          Foucault's Pendulum          Baudolino     
     Island of the Day Before         The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana
On Ugliness        On Beauty        The Search for the Perfect Language
    Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages     How to Travel with a Salmon
Libraries              The Prague Cemetery            ...and  so much more.....                         
And because I am writing a lot about books and reading, I decided to post from now on the books I am actually "involved"with....  
I am actually reading: Joyce Carol Oates, Them (1969)
Ich lese gerade: Joyce Carol Oates, Jene  

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