Freitag, 19. April 2013


Today I had an unpleasant conversation with one of my Greek wholesalers. Of course, as a wholesaler, he wants to buy very cheap and resell with a good profit. Some of my creations would then be sold at a very high price in the stores. This is the reason why I insist some time now, that most of my products can absolutely not be sold through a wholesaler, but only directly from my manufacture….
However, it is true, that producing in Europe nowadays has become a difficult business. Most of the big companies produce in China or India, because of the low costs. But is this an answer for a country like Greece which needs urgently local production and exports? I just don't want to give up on myself and believe that producing handmade goods in Europe is a business without any future (as this wholesaler claimed)...

Greece was always a country with countless small manufactures, which fulfilled the needs of its local costumers. When the financial crisis hit the country, a lot of these small businesses had to close, because they couldn’t compete against the cheaper imported products. Today it is hard to keep a small manufacture alive, but I still won’t give up. I have to adjust myself to the new conditions. One of these adjustments is to start my own brand and to turn down any wholesaler, who wants to beat down the prices, so he can sell with a good matter if the producer can bear such low prices in the long run. 
Whatever, I am working hard these days on my e-shop and I still want to believe that my future costumers will support our efforts !!!