Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

Managing multiple projects is like being the parent of a large family that you have to feed. Each aspect of your job can be like another child that needs nurturing. You can’t neglect any one of the ‘children’ and expect to have a healthy family. – Peter Turla

According to this quote I have indeed a lot of children to feed at the moment....I didn't exspect that creating an e-shop requires so much time....The workload is massive. After work I spend almost every afternoon and evening in my small "personal" workshop in the basement of my home. A lot of ideas are waiting to be finished, to be photographed and to be added to my see, a long way still to go....
And I really miss my reading hours! Actually I manage to read just a few pages before falling asleep...
Whatever, I just wanted to post some more pictures to give you an impression, what you will find in my e-shop:

Have a nice weekend!

I am actually reading: Matt Ruff, Set this House in Order (Ich und die anderen)

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