Montag, 10. Juni 2013

Literature is a luxury, fiction is a necessity. - G.K. Chesterton

As you know from this blog, I am a confirmed and passionate reader...My definite dream is to buy every book I am interested in - without thinking about the costs! Of course, during my lifetime, this "luxury" is never going to happen! As a consequence I have to content myself with what books and literature can provide ideally:
It was inevitable to think about some notebooks with literary quotes.....First I opened my "secret" box where I store all the quotes and text passages copied from beloved books and then I searched a little bit the web. The first notebooks became reality. The next step was to transfer this idea to some pencilholders. In the end also an "inspirational" garland was "born"....(an idea to be continued, for example with literary love quotes!).

And because I love the strange aesthetic of kraft paper, I couldn't resist to make also two notebooks with sketches by Leonardo and Michelangelo....(just to satisfy my addiction to Renaissance Art!):


Have a nice and creative week! :)