Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

In August most of Europe goes on holiday - Tony Visconti

That's definitely true.....since the beginning of the month there is this weird quietness, this strange feeling, that nearly everybody has left the city. Of course, this is just an illusion, because for some years now, since crisis hit us so badly, a lot of people - including us - have to stay in Athens during summer. But in a 6 million metropole it is noticeable even if "only" one million has left the city!
This year especially our finances don't allow any short trips to some shore nearby. So we try to comfort ourselves that we have our daughter with us, a nice home, a sunny balcony and a huge city around us, which offers some distraction even without having to spend any money. (The next option of course is to lock myself up in my appartment with some good books...)
I have to work until the end of this week, although there are only some small orders. So I started yesterday to clean up our studio. I do this every summer before closing. This means to assort all the papers, all the ribbons, all the embellishments, all the cardboards and canvases, to clean accurately the laminating and bookbinding machines and... the whole place in general. You cannot keep every single small piece of paper, canvas or cardboard etc. because you might need it eventually some day. Paper is a very clean material, but in combination with all the other materials it is easy to get a messy place. We try to do a basic cleaning every day, but once a year it is unavoidable to turn the place upside down...
Doing all this I had the idea to take some pictures to give you an idea of our studio:

Bookbinding cloth

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons....
The huge bookpress

The most important tools!

Italian decorative papers
Handmade papers

Museum piece I: our cutting machine
Museum piece II: the guillotine...



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